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Cindy waited till her mum had got on the bus then walked on own. When Cindy entered the house she threw her bag in the corner saw Kevin in the kitchen and went upstairs to her room where she stripped off her school uniform and after hanging it on a coat hanger went down stairs naked, she went into the kitchen saw Kevin and putting on a mock tone in her voice said ” what the fuck” then added ” what the fucking hell you doing in here” Kevin who was under the sink pulled him self out and saw Cindy and was surprised to see her naked but told her that he was installing the sink admiring Cindy’s boobs and shaved slit as he spoke, blonde girl adult webcam Big Breasted 19yo Sexy Russian Goddess


Cindy noticed the sudden bulge appear in Kevin’s overalls, she also noticed the way he was looking at her, and said ” your the convicted nonce aren’t you” then added why you staring me like that for, Kevin smiled and told Cindy that she was naked,

Date: January 30, 2019