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Aida took a gander at Cindy and said ” when we checked in I saw your pokiest were you wearing a bra” and after Cindy had revealed to him no Aida inquired as to whether she was wearing one now and grinned when he was told no, and when Aida advised Cindy to lift her tee shirt and show him Cindy did lifting her tee shirt over her head and remained with her boobs on full view, Aida said ” those tits are exquisite would love to see you exposed” Cindy took off her tee shirt fixed her skirt let it tumble to the floor and stood bare, Aida saw Cindy said ” screwing hellfire I need a sensual caress” Cindy said ” OK get it out and family stroke history Family Stroke Pron Kenzie Taylor’s Tight MILF Pussy Slammed


I will draw you off” Aida did not delay stood up fixed his pants giving his erection a chance to spring out at that point sat down into seat, Cindy strolled over bowed down before Aida and began to lick his erect dick then following a moment or two brought everything into her mouth and begin to suck it, Aida thought he was having a fantasy however a charming dream and lay back while Cindy sucked away on his strong dick and following a couple of minutes declared he was going to cum, Cindy disregarded what he had said and continued sucking and when Aida shot his cum into Cindy’s mouth she gulped everything

Date: July 11, 2019