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hot love massage making sixteen year old girl who caused trouble where ever she went. Dawn had been thrown out of most of the shops in the town because of her shop lifting and had just been thrown out of an off licence for trying to steal some cheap cider. Dawn was sat in the local park smoking her last cigarette and trying to think of a way to get money when she saw a magazine on the seat she was sat on, she picked the magazine up and started to read through it and stopped when she saw an advert for girls to earn five hundred plus tips per night working at a massage parkour, Hot Massage Lesbian Ass Licking And Pussy Sucking


Dawn phoned the phone number that was in the advert and was soon heading to the massage parkour in town, when she arrived she was shown to an office while waiting for the owner Tina a good friend of hers came in and told Dawn all about the job including the fact that there was sex involved and the more you did the more you got then left to go to a client, after speaking with the owner Dawn was shown to the basement where she was given a nurses type gown to wear and told not to wear anything under it, after changing Dawn went looked around she looked in one room and saw hot love massage Hot Stone Massage Fucking With Perfect Teen Girl


Tina giving a guy a blow job, Dawn smiled and left, in another room she was surprised to see Tina’s sister Amy who was four years younger than what she was laying naked being pounded by a guy, Dawn left thinking now I know why they have always got money, Dawn was called to go to a room and on arriving found Paul the son of the richest man in town sitting in a chair, Dawn hated the boy she knew he was two years younger than what she was she was about to leave again but thought of the money she knew Hot Massage 18 Happy Ending Teen Intense Female Orgasm

Date: July 18, 2019