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sexy brunette take your sample and then get to work. ‘What is it’ she asked and West gave her a look that was enough to send a shiver down her spine. She eat the sample and left.
The rest of the day was easy, drop the parcels and go home, she didn’t like the looks she received from the guys she dropped the parcels to as they stared at her big tits swaying under her t-shirt, but her view was 1 day down one more tomorrow then 3 more weeks.She followed her instructions on day 2 and went to collect the product, and this time Mike was there. Hot Brunette Teen Girl An Incredibly Beautiful Woman The Best Porn Video


Again there were 6 parcels, and Mike asked if she was wearing underwear. ‘No’ she replied sheepishly, and he then walked over to her and around her….‘Next time the skirts higher and the top is either tighter or lower, got me?’ ‘Yes’ she said. She picked up the parcels and went to leave when Mike called her back. ‘You forgot to take a sample’ he said, ‘So as a punishment you take 2 spoons’. She duly obliged and went about her deliveries. What she didn’t realize was that her body was already ingesting the highest dose of Mike’s product, a carefully developed combination of aphrodisiac, muscle relaxant and stimulant that was incredibly addictive.That night she slept restlessly, her mind filled with images of herself being a cock slut, ,sexy brunette New Brunette Fit Girl Fucked Wearing Yoga Pants


she awoke to a crushing orgasm, with her fingers soaked from her own pussy, her nipples sore from the abuse she had unconsciously given them Confused, but satiated, she fell back into a deep sleep.The next week soon came around, although as each day passed she was feeling herself day by day getting frustrated with an emptiness she couldn’t understand. She dressed in a tight blue V neck top that gave a good view of her cleavage and a tight black lycra miniskirt with black heels and as she left the house she caught a glimpse of herself, and she knew she looked good.

Date: July 28, 2019